Who is Kyn?

My name is Kyn

Most of my story is contained in my first blog, “Why Skyncare?” so I won’t repeat everything but I have been a part of the skincare and cosmetic world for half of my life.  Whether is was buying, selling or managing, I have been passionate about skincare as long as I can remember.  Like many of you, I also have issues with my skin and it has taken years of educating myself, trying different products and talking to other people to find the products that are best for me.  As we age, our skin changes. With changes in our environment, our skin changes.  Medication, allergies, stress, illness and so many other factors can affect our skin in a positive or a negative way.

Where to Start

Many women that I meet and talk to every day tell me about what they have tried and how difficult it can be to find the best skincare for their individual needs. Where do you start? It is a daunting task to research every product in every cosmetic line, scouring the ingredients, reading about all the benefits to discover what you are looking for.  I feel the same as I continue to grow this website and blog.  I am attempting to gather that information for you in one place. All the products from every line (little by little), expensive department store lines to grocery store lines, Avon to Clinique to Chanel, to narrow the field as much as you want to get choices personalized just for you.

Where We’re Going

Please take the quizzes and see where they take you.  Continue to check back occasionally for more blogs and more products. Your comments about this site are welcome as I’m sure I will be tweaking it as necessary. Also, know that I will strive to give you the most complete and accurate information I can but if you have any other questions or concern about the specifics of a  product, I encourage you to follow the link (or go to their website) to do more thorough research.  I am only one person attempting this feat.  I now realize why no one has accomplished this before.  Bear with me as I develop this site for you. I hope that it helps a few on their search for their perfect personalized skyncare.