ilike Organic Skin Care line of products hail from Hungary. It is a land filled with natural hot springs, rich soil for fruits, vegetables and herbs and a culture of serious skincare. For sixty years, this skincare company have helped people live beautifully by making professional-grade products using herbal remedies handed down through generations.


Nature provides an abundance of solutions for everyday needs – that was ‘Aunt ilike’s’ philosophy when she created these products from Szep Elet. Each product is full of vitamins, fruit acids and bioflavonoids and then combined with other ingredients to treat, nourish and beautify skin from the inside out.

The products of ilike organic skincare contain no artificial colors. All the herbs, vegetables and fruits are organically grown, hand harvested , hand selected and made in very small batches. They are suitable for vegetarian lifestyles, with most of them being vegan.


Ilike skincare products covered all the skin concerns: sensitive, blemish-prone, mature skin, and more. I have compiled a small list of some of their offerings but you can see more of them on my ‘products’ page on the website.

Sensitive Skin

Mature Skin

Oily, Acne-Prone, Inflamed


Discover these and many more wonderful ilike Organic products on my website.