Stay Home

It is a scary time for our nation and our world right now. We all have to do our part and stay at home as much as possible. The last thing I want to do is to downplay this crisis or take advantage of it, but this is more of an informative post about how you can stay safe, keep others safe and still continue to keep your skin healthy. Self-care is also an important challenge right now as well. Feeling good and looking healthy are both parts of staying positive during this pandemic.

Navigating my Website

Whether you want to continue using your standby products or try something new, I can help you find the perfect products for YOU on my website. First, find your correct ‘skyn’-type, then answer a few questions to discover items that have been personalized for you.

I have included over 1200 products in my database from grocery store brands to the most exclusive, luxurious cosmetic lines. More choices are being added. Every product has been entered, tagged, selected and tailored by moi. It is quite the task but my goal is to do all of the research for you; ingredients, benefits, skin type, etc. so you don’t have to.

There is another way to find/order products on the website. You may go to ‘Products’, go to the search line and enter a Company (ie: Estee Lauder), or the type of product you are looking for. Type in organic, natural, sensitive, acne and more concerns and the system will narrow down the list for you. Then, you may look at each product for yourself for more specific information.

Stay Safe

I hope this information is helpful in navigating the site. I am not a computer wiz so this is not perfect but I think that can help you make an intelligent choice of skincare. Most of you have more time than ever to explore. Please reach out if you have specific skincare questions via my email: and remember, stay home / stay. safe